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The Learning Forum's Cyber Security Risk Council is made up of a select group of global companies as well as national security organizations that share strategies for enabling the business mission, growing global sales and learning from each other in rapidly changing conditions. Council members focus on cyber security as a strategic risk challenge.

Membership is by invitation only and consists of organizations across diverse industries. Council members are F500 business unit leaders, risk management officers, CISOs and privacy officers. Group size is limited to 22 firms. Vendors and consultants are not eligible for membership.

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Next Meeting

Date: June 11 - 13, 2018

Host: Abbott

Location: St. Paul, MN

Agenda Topics:

Previous Meetings

Date: February 2018

Host: Qualcomm

Location: San Diego, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • GDPR Compliance Best Practices
  • Legal issues associated with IoT, Cloud and AI
  • Identity & Access Management By Member Orgs
  • IoT and Securing an Enterprise Environment
  • Insider Threat Tools To Protect IP
  • Acquisitions and the Relationship to Info Sec & Risk

Date: October 2017

Host: US Military Adademy at West Point

Location: West Point, NY

Agenda Topics:

  • Adversary Analysis
  • Securing Hybrid Cloud Environments
  • Insider Threat - update on response practices
  • GDPR and Impact on Global Organizations
  • Executive communications to the Board/C-Suite

Date: June 2017

Host: ESPN Headquarters

Location: Bristol, CN

Agenda Topics:

  • Latest Risk Assessment Processes
  • Endpoint Device Protection
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Response for Cloud Properties

Date: February 2017

Host: American Express

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Agenda Topics:

  • Continuous Monitoring Process and Technology
  • Incident Response Processes
  • EU GDPR and It's Impact on Global Organizations
  • Metrics & Measures reported to the Board & CEO

Date: October 2016

Host: National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Location: Rockville, MD

Agenda Topics:

  • ATT&CK Defensive Measures Framework
  • Doing Business in Hostile Markets
  • IoT - Current Strategies & Security Standards
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework Developments

Date: June 2016

Host: Intuit

Location: Mountain View, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • Third Party Risk Mgmt Dashboards
  • DevOps Security Framework
  • Block Chain Technology

Date: February 2016

Location: Orlando, FL

Agenda Topics:

  • OODA Loop for Cyber Security
  • Insider Threat: Best Practices
  • Vendor Management: Sanction Screenings

Date: September 2015

Host: Department of State

Location: Washington, DC

Agenda Topics:

  • Metrics Dashboard for Cyber Hygiene
  • Data Breach Table Top Exercise
  • Trends in Talent Management
  • Third Party Risk Management Dashboard

Date: June 2015

Host: Cargill

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Agenda Topics:

  • Sharing and Leveraging Threat Intelligence
  • Moving to the Cloud Lessons Learned
  • Trends in Employee Cyber Security Training
  • Risk Register Criteria and Mapping for the BOD

Date: February 2015

Location: Qualcomm, US Navy, San Diego, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • Operational and Management Response to Breaches
  • Cloud Deployments
  • Operationalizing Risk Management

Date: January 2015

Location: Qualcomm, US Navy, San Diego, CA

Agenda Themes:

  • Operational and Management Response to Breaches
  • Cloud Deployments
  • Operationalizing Risk Management

Date: October 2014

Host: CSC

Location: Falls Church, VA

Agenda Topics:

  • Training Programs that Engage the Workforce
  • Skill Sets in Demand
  • International Risk Management
  • Moving to the Cloud

Date: May 6-7, 2014

Host: American Express

Location: New York, NY

Agenda Topics:

  • Insider Threat Latest Practices
  • Doing Business in Hostile Marketplaces
  • Vendor Management
  • Cloud Security Risks

Date: January 2014

Location: Coronado, San Diego, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • The Importance of Cloud Security
  • Records Management and Security
  • Integrated Security Teams

Date: October 2013

Host: The World Bank

Location: Washington, DC

Agenda Topics:

  • The evolution of BYOD and BYO-IT (Bring Your Own IT)
  • Keeping Cyber Security Awareness Top-of-Mind for Employees
  • Lessons Learned for Entering New Global Markets
  • Security Certifications & Staffing

Date: June 2013

Host: FBI

Location: The J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C

Agenda Topics:

  • Managing risk in globally expanding organizations
  • How boards & senior executives are managing information security risks
  • Emerging threats and vulnerabilities across global industries

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